I AM the MOST indecisive holiday shopper ever!  Even when I work from a list, I convince myself they didn’t consider this other thing.  I have been known to approach a mom shopping with children to ask if the child would play with what I had picked out.   How awkward is that!  I have even turned to sites like gifts.com or giftfinder.com to give me inspiration and ideas, or at least point me in the right direction.

Here are some items off our Christmas lists that might help you:

Female, 21:

Zune, Laptop/Notebook computer, Flat Screen Plasma, Socks, The latest cell phone, tires

Male, 5:

WII Console, Tech Deck Dudes, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Ultimate Light Saber, Thomas The Train Action Set

*Quite obviously my children don’t follow current events and have completely lost their minds! :)Check back soon for my list of stores that you should not buy gift certificates from because of closings.