I love my husband but dude draws a blank under the pressure of a sale.  It’s not his domain and it CAN be confusing.  However, I have to condition him to know that in most stores (!exception!:  Walgreens) you don’t HAVE to buy two to get the sale price.  Bless his heart, he walks in all excited thinking he scored but he came back with TWO of everything!  Props for the effort! 


Good Buy

Good buy: Arm and Hammer dryer sheets.  I happen to love the lavendar and vanilla (it’s an acquired scent).  Often times Target has them two for $”x”.   100 sheets average about $2.50  Compare that to Downy. ChaChing.

Pricing on this item has gone up slightly (regularly priced) but it’s still a good deal.

Good buy:  Simply Orange, orange juice.  My picky picky five year old, doesn’t like much.  We now call him the orange juice monster (yes, I am concerned about the acid intake).  Anyway, this stuff is delish!  This product is frequently on sale.  Primarily at Jewel (2,  1/2gals for $6).  That is a good deal BUT.. I buy a gallon at Meijer for about $5.69.  It ain’t a house in the Hampton’s but every penny counts.  ChaChing.

I have frequently found this on sale at Meijer at about $4.89 (ish)