Powerful sermon this morning!

Recap: Saving our children in this four dimensional world.  Family is God’s first form of government.  First school is home, first church is home.  Our world is upside down and inside out, our kids need Christ.  Seek ye first the kingdom of God for eternal benefit.  In a few short years it won’t matter how popular they are at school.  Amen and Amen.

Reflection: Guilt, regret and repentence.

I anchored to the Lord late in life.  My eldest didn’t have the benefit or example of my faith and lived a lifetime outside of God’s cover.  I didn’t include HIM or seek HIS guidance for that child HE gave me and we both have suffered for it.  With God’s help I will have to turn that ship around.  My little one, well, church has always been a part his life.  I hope he never takes that for granted.  God has shown me the beauty of life and the pain of two miscarriages and I am humbly Thankful for it all.  Today my prayer is for God’s mercy, cover and direction for my children and in our lives.  Thank HIM daily.

Check out: Psalm 11:3, Joel 1:3, Gen 18:19