A) Description

This course involves a careful examination of all things Twitter.  Emphases are on development of basic awareness of completely foreign Twitter terms, resources and a ton of crap you never knew existed!  It is an exploratory, first course designed primarily for Twitters that rode in on the short bus! It also meets the needs of anyone who needs a good laugh!

This is a lecture course in which topics are presented in the order by which they confuse me. The course is a prerequisite for absolutely nothing because by the time we get there, everything will have been updated to a newer version!  Students generally have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into!
1.  To introduce students to Twitterage, the primary language used in Twitterville.
2.  To inundate students with Twitter protocol.  The do’s, don’ts but did it anyway.
3.  To orient students to the endless range of Twitter additives.
4.  To provide students with a warning of the addictive nature of Twitter.


Remedial Twittering 101 will meet as soon as I get a full night’s sleep!