It’s been too too long. Initially it was my love affair with Twitter that kept me away. After I was comfortably tweeting along, I may have been experiencing blogger’s anxiety. In need of a heavy dose of blogger’s dulcolax if you will!

Being a newbie blogger, I was feeling anxiety over how to make my blog a super duper cyber blimp.  Tonite I have overcome! Well, not all that large but I’m feeling good about my work.

Tonight I inserted an image.  I’m not saying it didn’t go without a few snags.  The video thing (technical term) I wanted to insert was html, it threw off all my formatting and never showed up as the video stream I wanted.  It DID take me about an hour to realize the formatting issue but I located the culprit, made the corrections and finally clicked “publish”.  Only to find out I forgot to save the correction I had made.

Now, if I could just figure out how to correct the time on this thing!