Today is January 11th!  Today I packed up Christmas!  Every year the huz and I hold an unannounced, unproclaimed Christmas pack up standoff.   I should know by now, he’s the more resilient one.  Today I caved.  He watched the game  and I was stuck trying to figure out a better way of packing up our holiday cheer.

Off to Target I went!  Much to my shagrin they had replaced the 75%  off clearance clutter with a new spring home collection.  DOH!  Standoff, shmandoff!  Then,.. suddenly, .. just as I was breaking into a flop sweat, there it was- a lonely end cap holding the last of the clearance frenzy.  It wasn’t much but it was EXACTLY what  I needed, and with happy little orange tags to boot!  Here’s what I picked up…. 

Last years method was bubble wrap and boxes.   Today I picked up Snapware ornament storage and Rubbermaid gift wrap storage. 

Snapware: 2 Layer Ornament Box and 4 Layer Seasonal Tote:

The ornament box comes with cardboard dividers that the website says can hold 18-32 (3″-4″ items).  I’m not sure about  that, I configured mine to 12.  It held my bulky ornaments nicely and I put two in some compartments.  You can remove or rearrange the dividers to suit your needs.  The box is a sturdy clear plastic and the one I bought had a red lid.  Now, ornament organizers are not a new concept but I like this one because of the hard plastic.  I’m not worried about it being crushed, and I like that I can see what’s inside.  The layers snap together nicely and the handle is sturdy. I wasn’t worried about the layers coming apart.  The ornament box is also sold in a three layer.

The 4 layer seasonal tote does not come with any dividers but is handy for small items that are not fragile and can be grouped together.  I used mine for holiday candles , school made ornaments etc.  The layers snap to each other.  This is also sturdy clear plastic and has a handle.  Would be great for crafters.


Rubbermaid Low Profile Wrapping Station: 

This is a gift wrap storage tote.  It is a very lightweight breathable fabric, comes with a hard cardboard bottom support layer, and two large clear bow pouches with Velcro on the top flap.  It’s pleasant to look at compared to the old bulky garbage can pieces; but…it’s not plastic, so careful that it doesn’t get smushed.

I was curious to know how much it would hold.   I put 8 40″ long , 100 sf rolls and 32, 26″ 25sf rolls on top of that.  The cover flips over like a suitcase and that’s the part that holds the bows, or ribbon or whatever. I carried it around for a few minutes and it seems to carry the weight well.  I DO think they should have made a more solid handle but it will do.  My only complaint, and it’s a biggun, is that there was a tear in the seam in the front near the zipper.  Don’t package defective merchandise!  I’m not going back to Target to replace it.

Blogomama says: “I likey!”