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Stuffed animals are for children, flowers will die, candy adds pounds, and neither of you are quite ready for the lingerie challenge?   Want a super sexy practical option? 

Check out these super cool scent samplers from Sephora – for men and women!  Each set includes  8-10 sample fragrances and a certificate of redemption that will get you one full size bottle of your favorite fragrance from that group.

 Scent Sampler Best Sellers For Him ($75 Value)

Scent samplers for him:  “Best Sellers”
The set includes 10 fragrance samples with names such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Diesel, Jean Paul Gaultier  (mi favorito para mi papi chulo!), and includes a bonus sample of Anthony shave cream.  My guy digs fragrance and is super picky.  He wasn’t bothered that there weren’t more “sets” to choose from, loved the concept and the choices.   

Scent Sampler Trendsetters For Her ($80 Value)

Scent Samplers for her: “Trendsetters” 
The set includes 9 fragrance samples with names such as Dior, Prada, and Burberry, and includes a bonus atomizer.  This is the one I have. Love it!

 Deluxe Fragrance Sampler Set ($150 Value)
Scent samplers for her: “Brand Deluxe”
This set includes 8 deluxe size samples with fragrance names such as Be Delicious, Very Irresistable, and Princess.


 Scent Sampler New Classics For Her ($100 Value)

Scent Samplers for her: “New Classics”
The set includes 8 fragrance samples with names such as Prada, Thierry Mugler, and Marc Jacobs, and includes a bonus atomizer.


Scent Sampler Best Sellers For Her ($80.00 Value)

Scent Samplers for her: “Best Sellers”
The set includes 10 fragrance samples with names such as Gwen Stefani, Givenchy, and Vera Wang, and includes a bonus atomizer.


Each sample set includes a scent book which I personally love.   I’m a fragrance freak and I enjoy learning the notes in the fragrances that I love.   If you are too, you can check out the fragrance finder @ http://twurl.nl/czgukf  at Sephora.com.!  Type in your favorite fragrance, by letter or brand, and it kicks back recommendations based on your favorite!  LOVE THAT!.  You can also search by note.  If you’re a super freak – check  out “now smell this” a perfume blog @ http://twurl.nl/6n2qw6 , its so insane!

The Scent Sampler is a great concept for those of us who like to try before we buy; particularly since fragrances can be a splurge!  You cannot redeem the certificates online which is a BIG BUMMER (SEPHORA), but I think they are priced right at $50-$70.  You might even have some cash leftover for a romantic fondue dinner for two!

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