She’s backkkkkk!  My alter ego, the reality t.v. addict has resurfaced and is ready to enjoy the mindless act that IS reality t.v. .  It looks like we’re getting a healthy helping of all new ridiculousness.  Buckle up kids, we’ve got alot to cover this season!

Let me introduce you to Confessions of a Teen Idol.  This nugget is the brain child of Scott Baio (has been teen idol) and Jason what’s his name (has been teen idol sidekick sidekick).  There are seven unrecognizable and long forgottenteen idols looking for an opportunity to re-ignite their careers.  Awkweird!

I can’t tell you the names without cheating so here’s blogomama’s version.  Listed below in no particular order or recognition and referred to as “the guy from”.

Blue Lagoon (remember,w/baby Brooke!) -pool builder(is he still wearing a puka shell necklace?)
TJ Hooker ( I didn’t know anyone watched that show) – entertainer on a cruise line
Fame (is it me or is his face very large) – business man
Baywatch brunette (Hasselhoff’s son) – reformed meth mfr.
90210 (I think he came in it’s dying days) – firefighter/emt
Real World/The Grind (Eric, I know this one) -life coach/ health guru & evidently has a very clean colon
Baywatch blonde  (don’t recall him David something)

Tonight was introductions, interviews and settling into the new digs.  They met with some “foremost authority on celebrities and fame” (?).  Needless to say they were very skeptical.  It appears as they will meet regularly. That ended warm and fuzzy. Next they were faxed a call sheet – a red carpet event to make an appearance for a gathering of their fans (red flags popping up everywhere). They got all dolled up and ready to go.  This is where it gets painful.  They’re all lined up on stage you can hear them being announced, the curtain opens.  They realize they’ve been punk’d.  The applause was sound effect (shocker?) and they stood staring at Scott, Jason AND an empty auditorium.  The lesson? Fame is fleeting (really?).  This first of eight episodes closes with one of the Baywatch beauties freaking out and Jason gets called to the house to reel him back in.

Why tune in? Everyone loves a where are they now fest – famous or not!  Their stories are intriguing and their transparency riveting.  This is a sort of Celebrity Rehab meets Real World.  The great twist that Scott Baio adds (to this and his previous show) is there is self examination, learning and growth. Sort of a little drew pinski esque. Next week’s trailer proves to be a worthwhile watch.  It’s a focus group beat down.  The guys get to watch and listen in. Ouch! 

Blogomama gives Confessions of a Teen Idol – 5 Remotes!


I can’t tell you the number of times, I’ve been shunned and made ashamed at the wasted, brainless time I put into watching reality television.  I just can’t help it! 

Real Housewives-Orange County, New York, Atlanta and back to Orange County Again! Date my Ex, Project Runway, Run’s House, Top Chef, High School Reunion,The Hills, Life in The Fab Lane, Project Zoe, Million Dollar Listing, Flipping Out, Blow Out, Work Out, Say Yes to The Dress, 18 and Counting, Little People Big World, Jon and Kate +8, Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, Celebrity Rehab, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Tori and Dean Inn Love, It’s Complicated and I’m sure many more.  I’m embarassed that I could list so many with little to no thought!

If you share my guilty pleasure, come back soon, so we can dish and catch up!