It’s been too too long. Initially it was my love affair with Twitter that kept me away. After I was comfortably tweeting along, I may have been experiencing blogger’s anxiety. In need of a heavy dose of blogger’s dulcolax if you will!

Being a newbie blogger, I was feeling anxiety over how to make my blog a super duper cyber blimp.  Tonite I have overcome! Well, not all that large but I’m feeling good about my work.

Tonight I inserted an image.  I’m not saying it didn’t go without a few snags.  The video thing (technical term) I wanted to insert was html, it threw off all my formatting and never showed up as the video stream I wanted.  It DID take me about an hour to realize the formatting issue but I located the culprit, made the corrections and finally clicked “publish”.  Only to find out I forgot to save the correction I had made.

Now, if I could just figure out how to correct the time on this thing!


I’m trying to get my blogging legs on straight and am feeling a bit like a one gal blogopalooza!  My original  strategy was to post at least one paragaph for each of my clever categories.  To blog or not to blog !

By the way… this borrowed laptop (my dt *cached*hee hee out), takes some getting used to -evidentally impairing all ability to spell!  Arggggh!  What is the protocol for for posting.  I swear I read four minimum and ten is too many.  I have to be close to overexposure for sure.  Well that is if somene were actually reading me.  Oh well, it’s cathartic, move over Paris!  Where is the blogorazzi when you need em!

Tonite my mission is how to create a following and traffic.  This is definitely search and trial work.  I was sidetracked with Pandora and trying to wrap my head around this tiny url thing.   So serious this blogging thing.

I feel accomplished today.  I set up this blog, set up my tweeter, read till my eyes spun.  I’ve dusted, laundered and scrubbed down all my bathrooms.  I say that’s a wrap!

Goodnight future followers!

Finally!  Practice makes progress!  I’m on track and I can hardly believe it took me less than 24 hours.  I may be an idiot savant.

I thought I would try to “link” if you will, or feed, or whatever the terminology is, twitter to my blog and I have changed the whole design.  Help!

Day one, struggling. 

This blogging thing is harder than I thought. Design this, manage that, post here, rss feeds, links, html, something about blog rolls, huh?!!!!!!!  Hard enough to organize my thoughts, let a lone this page and to have to do it all with the Sponge Bob Theme blasting from the other room and the rumblings of a hungry family. Ugggh!   By the way, in case anyone does actually read this – I don’t know how to adjust the time and date information.  I didn’t feed my family dinner at 1:35 a.m.!  Nightmare!