A) Description

This course involves a careful examination of all things Twitter.  Emphases are on development of basic awareness of completely foreign Twitter terms, resources and a ton of crap you never knew existed!  It is an exploratory, first course designed primarily for Twitters that rode in on the short bus! It also meets the needs of anyone who needs a good laugh!

This is a lecture course in which topics are presented in the order by which they confuse me. The course is a prerequisite for absolutely nothing because by the time we get there, everything will have been updated to a newer version!  Students generally have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into!
1.  To introduce students to Twitterage, the primary language used in Twitterville.
2.  To inundate students with Twitter protocol.  The do’s, don’ts but did it anyway.
3.  To orient students to the endless range of Twitter additives.
4.  To provide students with a warning of the addictive nature of Twitter.


Remedial Twittering 101 will meet as soon as I get a full night’s sleep!


Fortune magazine stirs my inner conflict. Sometimes I feel empowered, sometimes I feel inadequate but mostly I feel provoked.  The endless lists of this, that and the other is like a soap opera recap.  An opportunity to critique and rally the heroines.  Don’t be distracted by the expected Oprah mention (I’m so over it already).  Shall we?

Christine Gold – Western Union.  Every time I make a phone payment, I’ll think of you! You count the profits.

Ann More – Time Inc.   I checked out your new baby Maghound(http://tinyurl.com/3lmnnl)  Good job! I think I might try it.

Carol Myrowitz- TJX – Props!  Try putting two Western Unions across the street from each other.  I don’t think so!  Go on with your bad self!

Susan Chambers – WalMart.  I know it’s not your department but can you talk to someone about wider aisles and the lighting, oy!

Abigail Johnson – Fidelity.  Can you say nepotism!

Pamela Nicholson – Enterprise.  Hey Abigail!  She did it without the bloodline!

Cece Sutton – Wachovia.  Isn’t your back killing you, having to carry the whole company like that!  Hang in there!

Claire Babrowski – ToyRUS.   My son calls Target the toy store.  I didn’t even know Radio Shack still existed.  Good luck with that!

Anne Sweeney – Walt Disney.  Finally we come eye to face.  I needed to know who was draining the pockets of tween moms everywhere!  You look good in pink!

Cathie Black – Hearst Magazine.  Wow! 64!  You look great! I’m still partial to Maghound tho.  Sorry!

Most photogenic: It’s a tie – Lisa Weber and Marissa Mayer – congrats!

Obviously the companies listed KNOW that the largest margin of purchasing decisions are made by women.  What better strategy than to put them at the helm.  All comments made with love and affection.  It’s sattire folks, get over it! 


I’m trying to get my blogging legs on straight and am feeling a bit like a one gal blogopalooza!  My original  strategy was to post at least one paragaph for each of my clever categories.  To blog or not to blog !

By the way… this borrowed laptop (my dt *cached*hee hee out), takes some getting used to -evidentally impairing all ability to spell!  Arggggh!  What is the protocol for for posting.  I swear I read four minimum and ten is too many.  I have to be close to overexposure for sure.  Well that is if somene were actually reading me.  Oh well, it’s cathartic, move over Paris!  Where is the blogorazzi when you need em!

Powerful sermon this morning!

Recap: Saving our children in this four dimensional world.  Family is God’s first form of government.  First school is home, first church is home.  Our world is upside down and inside out, our kids need Christ.  Seek ye first the kingdom of God for eternal benefit.  In a few short years it won’t matter how popular they are at school.  Amen and Amen.

Reflection: Guilt, regret and repentence.

I anchored to the Lord late in life.  My eldest didn’t have the benefit or example of my faith and lived a lifetime outside of God’s cover.  I didn’t include HIM or seek HIS guidance for that child HE gave me and we both have suffered for it.  With God’s help I will have to turn that ship around.  My little one, well, church has always been a part his life.  I hope he never takes that for granted.  God has shown me the beauty of life and the pain of two miscarriages and I am humbly Thankful for it all.  Today my prayer is for God’s mercy, cover and direction for my children and in our lives.  Thank HIM daily.

Check out: Psalm 11:3, Joel 1:3, Gen 18:19


Tonite my mission is how to create a following and traffic.  This is definitely search and trial work.  I was sidetracked with Pandora and trying to wrap my head around this tiny url thing.   So serious this blogging thing.

I AM the MOST indecisive holiday shopper ever!  Even when I work from a list, I convince myself they didn’t consider this other thing.  I have been known to approach a mom shopping with children to ask if the child would play with what I had picked out.   How awkward is that!  I have even turned to sites like gifts.com or giftfinder.com to give me inspiration and ideas, or at least point me in the right direction.

Here are some items off our Christmas lists that might help you:

Female, 21:

Zune, Laptop/Notebook computer, Flat Screen Plasma, Socks, The latest cell phone, tires

Male, 5:

WII Console, Tech Deck Dudes, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Ultimate Light Saber, Thomas The Train Action Set

*Quite obviously my children don’t follow current events and have completely lost their minds! :)Check back soon for my list of stores that you should not buy gift certificates from because of closings.

I feel accomplished today.  I set up this blog, set up my tweeter, read till my eyes spun.  I’ve dusted, laundered and scrubbed down all my bathrooms.  I say that’s a wrap!

Goodnight future followers!